Thursday, December 6, 2007


Things I learned from my first fashion shoot...

Having an idea and vision, experienced models willing to do anything you ask, lots of time, an assistant, hot chocolate for those models, music for models to listen to, someone who actually knows something about womens fashion, knowing people who own a laundry mat, leaving your car running so models can sit in it and stay warm, taping your strobes to flash stands so they don't fall off and hit concrete... twice, something (or someone) to hold your flash stands so they don't blow over in the wind... twice, pocket wizards, and most importantly reflectors are the most useful tool you can have besides your camera.

The first time i shot fashion for my lighting class, my pictures were complete crap, so for my lighting final i gave it one more shot with a lot more passion and determination not to suck, here are the pictures i got. The theme was vintage fashion. Let me know what you think.