Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day in my life

As part of my Ethnography class, I had to document a day in my life with 20 images. Starting with being woken up by hungry cat Scraggles, teaching a photo class at Warren East Middle School, Skyping with Nora in France, three rounds of much needed coffee and a game of disc golf in beautiful afternoon light, this is just my typical Monday.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Among The Stars

Among The Stars from Kohl Threlkeld on Vimeo.

My goal with this whole project was to tell a story about people and their dreams. No matter what age a person is, everyone has at least one dream that they hold on to. Some follow their dreams and lead rich, happy lives. Others put their dreams down to pursue something more practical or responsible. The dreams we have tell so much about who we are as individuals because however simple the dream is, it is unique, belonging only to the person who created it.

This tells the story of two people who are following their dreams at completely different times in their lives. Connie is a singer and traveler from Denmark who only wants to play her songs in the street. She thrives off of the energy of the moment and holds onto no hopes of future fame or fortune. Harry is a songwriter who came to Nashville 20 years ago to try and make it as a songwriter. Tasting a little bit of fame, he left to pursue a career in the restaurant industry. Unfulfilled in his job, he decided to return back to Nashville to rediscover his original dream of writing songs.

One day while Connie is playing on the street, Harry sees her and is taken by her unique voice and spirit. He introduces himself and hands her the lyrics to a song that he has held onto for over 20 years, but never found the right singer for. When he returns she has put music to his words and the two form an unlikely and special friendship through their music.

Note: All of the footage in this video is 100% candid. Other than the lighting on the interviews, nothing was staged, set up or influenced in any way.

Thanks so much for watching and please let me know what you think of the video.