Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial day is finally over and since Ive been one of the only photographers working the last few days, i have shot every memorial day assignment that has come through the desk. There is a strong sense of patriotism here, every surrounding town has a ceremony to remember the fallen soldiers, and it is no light matter. Growing up, i always looked forward to memorial day as nothing more than an extra day off school. I never realized what it can mean to some people, perhaps because it never meant to me what it means to some. I attended the ceremonies over the last few days, and hear countless times the phrase, "we remember." And there is no better reminder of how war has affected people than hearing the people behind you begin to cry because they have lost a loved one. Some as recent as only a few months ago. To me it has always been a trip to the lake or a day to sleep in, but to some it is the one day that they can let their emotions go along side others who feel their pain. Here are a few that i shot from the final day. The first picture is from a memorial service, and the rest are form the Memorial Day parade.

Firefighter sheds a tear as names of fallen firefighters are being read aloud.

Planes doing a flyover at the end of the parade.

Two guys try to attach a flag to a store front for about an hour before the parade.

Specators watch as planes fly over the bridge at the end of the parade.

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