Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mountain Workshop 2007: Danville, Ky.

The 2007 Mountain Workshop is underway and the second day of shooting and critiquing is just getting started. While i am not shooting the workshop this year i can already tell it will be an invaluable week of experience. I am working as a "labbie" on the other side of things, and have spent the last four days setting up things in preparation of the arriving shooters and coaches.

Yesterday, during some down time i went to a local coffee shop with a group of coaches, and while they explored the downtown area, i found this feature picture in the coffee shop. The couple in the picture are ages 16 and 14 and they met on My Space. And they havent told their parents yet. Ill continue posting pictures from the workshop throughout the week, of all of the coaches and shooters. I cant believe i am im the presence of some of the greatest photographers in the country right now.


kim said...

great moment!!! this is just so iconic of teen love - good thing you stayed at the cafe! by the way, you kicked ass in July and August clips - send me your email, and i'll get you the lowdown - you are in the top 10 - kicked me out of the pack - bastard!! ha.

tjandkayleigh said...

Hey its tj. the guy in the picture. that is an amazing photo. My baby girl looks outstanding in that picture. Hey if you still have them on file can you send me some of the other pictures you took that day? if its not too much trouble. Hope your photo journal is going okay. peace out

TJ said...

Hey this is TJ and I would like for you to delete this picture from here. Its my past and I really want it removed.