Monday, November 19, 2007

Funeral Home 2.0

This is the second funeral home director portrait that ive posted to my blog, and i think that i like this one better. I was helping a friend with her assignment shooting a portait of this guy and so i decided to take one myself. This guy was really cool. He was only 19 years old and he just got back from running a funeral home in Mobile, Alabama. He told us stories about hurricane victims and how people so accustomed to death react when they see a hearse drive down the street. I kinda liked the light and the exit sign above the door. Heavenly? Maybe its a stretch, but i thought it might work.


brYan said...

dude - this frickin' rocks! No, the exit sign is not a stretch AT ALL i picked that out right away. totally appropriate...file this away for your next portfolio update.

William DeShazer said...

Yeah, I agree with Bryan on this one. Nice light. clean and simple. The flowers that match the exit sign really makes this work. Good job.

Rush Jagoe said...

looks like HBO's 6 feet under