Monday, November 19, 2007

Funeral Home 2.0

This is the second funeral home director portrait that ive posted to my blog, and i think that i like this one better. I was helping a friend with her assignment shooting a portait of this guy and so i decided to take one myself. This guy was really cool. He was only 19 years old and he just got back from running a funeral home in Mobile, Alabama. He told us stories about hurricane victims and how people so accustomed to death react when they see a hearse drive down the street. I kinda liked the light and the exit sign above the door. Heavenly? Maybe its a stretch, but i thought it might work.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bad day to be on the bottom of the food chain.

I was driving around today with Briana and as we pulled up to a stop, she pointed out a hawk that was attacking another bird. I just happened to have a 300 2.8 in the back seat from shooting football, so i hopped out of the car and shot a few frames. It was really wild to see this through a lens from only a few feet away.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Wrinkles and a smile

Two things i noticed in the first 30 seconds of meeting Mr. Laurent. His awesome wrinkles, and a smile that reminded me of a teenager's. Although he turns 75 this coming January, his aged face and worn hands show the signs of having seven kids and 16 grandchildren, making him appear a decade older. Its not until he laughs, which he does often, that a feeling of youth springs forward and his weathered features become almost secondary to his genuine, youthful grin. Despite his age, he has surpassed a much deserved retirement along time ago. With at least 6 children and 8 adults crowded into his cozy living room he explained how he spends most of his time now. He still works on cars, washing machines, tractors, and about anything else with a motor or moving parts. Noticing a bit of shock in my face as he gave me a laundry list of daily jobs and tasks, he responded, "Retirement is like letting a house just sit there. Eventually it will just fall apart. The same thing happens to our bodies."