Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First few weeks

Here are some images from my first few weeks at the Knoxville News Sentinel, as well as one from a friends wedding i shot in Nashville. I'm gonna post a bunch of images, so i don't blame you if you only look at the first few and then get bored. I might. Please give me some feedback if you feel like it.

I hope that everyone else out there doing internships is doing awesome. Good luck this summer.

These first two are from a Llama sanctuary that i visited today on an assignment. Of course the assignment was scheduled to go at the same time as the reporter as opposed to by myself when something interesting was happening. I was pretty happy with what i got considering the circumstances, but not satisfied enough. So, i got it approved to go back tomorrow and thursday when they are going to try and catch a wild Llama and bring another to the sanctuary. They were a pretty awesome family and im hoping to get some good images as well as audio from it.

Again with the scheduling. When i read the assignment it said that at 1:30 these kids from this science camp would be presenting the projects they had worked on all week to their parents. It didnt sound to visual so i showed up an hour and a half early to try and photograph them actually working on their projects. I'm glad i did because the presentation i was supposed to photograph consisted of a bunch of people sitting in a gym. Im finally getting the hang of how these assignments work. At my last internship the scheduling was done differently, so it took some figuring out.

Just a simple feature to run with a story about the public library, they never ran the story. Oh well.

Bridal dresses style shoot. Its funny because the location that we shot this at was probably the tackies wedding place i have ever seen. It looked like a glorified funeral home. So four out of the seven shots were done in an abandoned, overgrown lot next to the location.

Jenny putting on makeup getting ready for the big moment. An amazing couple and the wedding was a joy to photograph. I had a blast guys, thanks.


Rebecca Barnett said...

I love the picture from the bridal dresses shoot. And I'm jealous that you got to hang out with and photograph llamas!

Briana Scroggins said...

You always know how to find the light! Great pictures!

Scott said...

I dig the kids hugging and the lipstick with the kiss of light. I am also jealous that you got to hang out with llamas Kohl. Lucky bastard.

Sarah A. Miller said...


Emily-Rose said...

love llama kiss.

Britney said...

llama kiss all the way. and that bridal dress shot. the yellow flower totally adds to it.

William DeShazer said...

Dude llama picture is awesome. I hope you're having a great summer.