Sunday, September 21, 2008

Finally got to shoot a picture

This semester i have taken the job as photo editor for WKU's paper, the College Heights Herald. It all happened last minute, but has so far been an awesome experience. I have already learned stuff that i didn't expect to learn. Just the nature of editing hundreds of images a week is bound to help your photography in the long run, i hope. I will say one thing, spending all of my time watching my staff take great pictures, and not having the time to take any myself, has made me more eager than ever to pick up my camera. I did find some time this past saturday to shoot a feature at the football game Western played against Murray state.

I saw this group of young kids hanging outside of the rest of the crowd as everyone else passed by. They were so preoccupied with texting on their phones, that im not sure they knew there was a game going on. They were nice kids though.

Check out what were doing online at the Herald.


Briana Scroggins said...

Nice. I really like the body language of the girl laying down. What would social events be with out texting?

Britney said...

Nice frame, like i said before, I love the context all those shadows give you.

Keep up the good work editing, sitting behind a desk is never easy. Being a picture editor often requires a lot of sacrifice for very little personal recognition. and for what its worth, I think you're doing an awesome job.


kim said...

Kohl, you're making methink of my project from last year's football season - this is a great frame - behind the scenes is always the best!