Monday, February 9, 2009

A New Semester

Im sure its been so long since my last update that most of you stopped looking at my blog altogether, but im back at posting again now that im actually shooting again. Last semester i spent so much time looking at other peoples photography and devoting most of my time to being photo editor of the Herald that it didnt leave much, if any time to shoot. But one thing it absolutley did was make me wish i had the time to just go shoot. Not for class or anthing else but just for myself. And now that i have that time, and hopefully some more knowledge, im gonna shoot.

This first image is from the recent storms that passed through Ky and left thousands without power. To see more pictures and listen to some great audio go to and please, PLEASE, check back here for more pictures to come.



814photography said...

A new post? Whaaaaaa... Dust off the cobwebs, crack them joints cause your back baby. A shout out is eminent in your future.

Great shot!

Walter Portilla said...

Hola Kohl, mi nombre es Walter Portilla Linares, de Cajamarca, Perú. Quiero comunicarme contigo para coordinar tu viaje a mi país en julio 2009. Necesito tu correo electrónico. El mío es
Please, I need your e-mail to talk about your trip to my country. We are waiting for you to make many things.

Walter Portilla said...

I forgot, very good pictures!
I like it so much!

cmm said...

Ha. I have been told before that having a young photo editor is sometimes like having a caged animal on the desk.

...I know being a multimedia editor drove me a little wacky. = ) I suspect its different for every kid.

I think your work is really strong though. Kohl, looking forward to the new posts. - Charlie