Friday, June 29, 2007

Common Grounds

Working for a newspaper for any length of time would make it obvious that there are some assignments we want to do, and others that we must do. This assignment was the latter. It was a tour of a new expansion of our local hospital (Of which I'm told I should never go to under any circumstances, because i am certain to not walk out alive) for a bunch of very rich, very important people who donated a few bucks. So your beginning to see why i had to go. About half way through the tour i realized that these people didn't want to be here almost as much as i didn't. They were bored out of their minds. After all, its not like they donated the money because they genuinely care what the hell the hospital actually does with their money. They donated because their name goes a big ass banner permanently displayed in the lobby. But, however rich they are, and however poor i am, we all had something in common that day. We all had to suffer together. That will teach them to donate anonymously next time.

It was like night of the living dead

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brYan said...

me likes the middle frame ... best use of light and expressions.