Sunday, June 24, 2007

Paintball: in the trenches

Well, i just finished my first published multimedia piece. I say published because i finished another one that hasn't been published yet. I finished it just now, at eight in the morning, after working on it until 4:00 am and having to come back to the office to fix a couple of glitches this morning. So i though i would post the link to it before i went back home and fell into a coma for the next few hours. I went out yesterday with a group of first time paintballers (yes, thats a word) and thought i would take along the audio equipment. After convincing the manager of the paintball field to let me go out with a group of players wearing relatively nothing in the way of protection except a t-shirt and a cheap pair of sunglasses i was able to collect some audio of what its like to be shot at by three guys with paintball guns. The multimedia is very down and dirty, and i was only able to shoot pictures for 2 rounds of play (one of which i got trapped in a bunker the whole time) but i think it accomplishes the goal of giving the viewer a first hand experience of what its like to play paintball. I guess this is the closest ill have come to being a war correspondent so far. And yes, i got shot.

Click HERE to see the slideshow


brYan said...

Kohl, the slideshow is great - even worth staying up all night for i'd say. good job. makes me want to go try paintball.

D. Bayne Johnson said...

I loved your slideshow!!! great pics