Tuesday, June 19, 2007

State Softball Finals

We had one team make it to the State Softball Finals which were held in Battle Creek, MI. I drove, more like rode with the reporter and slept/ read, there two days in a row and shot St. Mary's Catholic Central high School girls varsity team. The benefit of sending the same photographer to both days of games, is that by the second day i got to know the coach, the girls, and i began to anticipate the action a little better than before. Both games ended with an emotional conclusion. The first game ended in hugs and cries of joy, because they had made it to the finals. The second game however ended with hugs and tears of sadness. I wont say that they played bad the second day, they were simply out played. the opposeing team had 4 over the fence home runs, and the pitcher rarely let the SMCC girls get a hit. Despite the fact that they lost, they went down with class. When It was close to being over, and quite obvious there was no chance of a late come back, the coach turned to the dugout and said, "We may lose this game, but we will lose it with class ladies!" I got chill bumps. These are some of the most mature high schoolers i have ever met, and they fought hard. So here are a few picture of the games.

The First Game:

The Second Game:

So close.

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