Monday, April 4, 2011

Whole lotta kids

What else better to do while mom signs you up for your first season of Tee ball than goof off in the back of a pick up truck. At least this photographer really appreciates it. On another note, this was the hardest caption I have ever had to write. I will include it under the photo so you can see why.


Trinity Johnson, 9, foreground, waits with her family and friends as her parents sign them up for the "Smart Start" tee ball program at Inskip Ballpark on Tuesday evening. From left, Joshua Howell, 9, shows Jeremiah Johnson, 1, his glasses as Gavin Johnson, 8, plays with his brother Aaron Johnson, 5, while their cousin Isaiah Johnson waits on top of the truck. Teira Johnson, mother of Trinity, Isaiah and Jeremiah watches the children as they play.

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