Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Its Bulls and Blood, its the dust and mud...

I stole the title from a Garth Brooks song from back in the day (were talking late 90's here) when i listened to his music. Anyway, the son is called rodeo and thats what i just got back from shooting.

I have found recently that whatever it is i shoot, i wasn to be closer. I want to be so close to the actioin that i can shoot it with a 16mm lens. Last night, it was the Demolition Derby, and tonight it was the Rodeo. I got there about an hour early and hung out with the riders not really shooting but more just hanging out and joking around with them. When the rodeo started i was able to climb right up onto the top of the chute where the bulls and horse were held before they were released bucking and kicking. I was pretty much right in everyones way, but they were coll with it and volunteered to work aound me with no problem. I even came home with crap on my camera bag. (dont worry Bryan, i cleaned it).

These were my favorites, i couldnt decide which one i liked best. Feedback?


Steven said...

Your calling the late 90's back in the day? Young pup. Dude you need to talk with Joe. He can tell you about back in the day along with Johnny Cash and Elvis as they got started.

Anyway your second bull photo is a lot better.

Take it easy.

unclejeff said...

It's your uncle Jeff just wanted to let you know your photos are GREAT. Also just wanted to say thanks for shooting Catie.

Love you bud!

Uncle Jeff