Thursday, August 9, 2007

More Portraits

I had a freelance assignment with a small farming insurance company to shoot a portrait of a farmer that uses crop insurance. After rescheduling because of bad weather, we finally found a couple of hourse when the weather cleared, to bring out the lights, and shoot some pictures. I started off, as you can tell, doing what i usually do by using one light off to the side. While, it provides decent dramatic light, it gets really old and boring, and i really would like to start adding lights to create that ( and im quoting my friend Dave here) "Super-real" light. Its the kind of lighting that separates the boys form the men. So, i added another light off to the left hand side for 3rd and 4th picture. The last one is natural light, and proof of why it helps to have a way to power your flashes with out plugging them in. It could have been awesome if i could have used the lights in the middle of hs corn field. Oh well.


D. Bayne Johnson said...

I like the one where he's looking off and the second light was added....but the first image is so damn dramatic it hurts. I love that shot! The silhouette, the front of the tractor, the pose....nice work.

brYan said...

I dig the first one - but a light behind the tractor (pointed at the camera ... low to the groud) could have given the shot some detail in the background without hurting the single softbox effect. just a suggestion. I think your client is going to be VERY pleased with your work.