Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A busy vacation

Its been a while since ive updated and there has been a good reason for that. Ive been on vacation. Not vacation so much as just a 4 day break from working in Monroe and instead shooting senior portraits for my cousin, and the real reason i left in the first place, to shoot Amy and Nathan's wedding in Bowling Green. I think i drove 1,200 miles in about 4 days, but it was definately woth it. I got to spent time with my family who i havent seen all summer, and i got to spent time with friends in Bowling Green, like the good ole days.

The wedding was beautiful . Not just beacuse of the scenery, but because Amy and Nathan are probably the sweetest couple i have ever known. Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding.

My cousin posing for her senior portrait. I told my aunt that if she made me take a picture of her sitting on a rock or by a tree, i would quit. I think there isnt too much about this that screams typical senior portrait.


unclejeff said...

GREAT photo Kohl! Thanks for shooting her.

We all love and miss you!

Uncle Jeff

Carrie said...

Hey Kohl,

So I knew that you were a photographer and everyone that's seen your work said you were amazing, but today was the first day I ever took the time to look for myself. HOLY CRAP! You are awesome. Just thought I'd tell you that! I hope life's great. How do you like KY? Give me a shout out if you're ever in the Lexington area!


P.S. How much do you charge for weddings, lol?! You could make a fortune if you charge what a lot of people in Knoxville do!