Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Ok, so his name is not really Rudy, but it might as well be. His name is mike and for anyone who has actually seen the movie Rudy (if you haven't, you should) this guys story couldn't be closer to the film. It was always Mikes Dream to be a part of Notre Dame athletics. His father graduatd from Notre Dame, and his son wanted nothing more than to follow in those same footsteps. There were however several problems blocking his path. The obvious, an most paramount of his obstacles was his severe muscular dystrophy which pretty much sealed his fate as far as becoming an athlete. The second was being actually accepted into Notre Dame. This didnt happen immediately, so he attended Holy Cross (which is right across the street from Notre Dame, and the same pre-fighting irish path the Rudy took.) Still striving to overcome these hurdles he found a spot on the Notre Dame rowing team as a coxswain, the person who rides in the boat and calls out commands. He was a perfect candidate for this because of his small, compact, lightweight body structure. And finally to complete his goal, he was accepted at Notre Dame and will now officially become a Notre Dame athlete, just like Rudy.

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