Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New name

Everything good needs a catch, right? I mean afterall, its not like George Bush became president because of his staggering ability to lead a nation (I think it was the religion thing). So, I decided to change the name of my blog to "beyond the caption." Simply because, its the best part of my job. The best part of working for a newspaper is the people we meet and the experiences we have. However, because our readers dont want to hear about our experiences we limit our captions to necessary information. But so much more happens on assignments that never get told (see post "Innocent") . I noticed that almost all of my posting so far have a story with them. At first i did this so that people who arent photographers ( hi mom) would know what we experience while on assignments, but i think ill keep it going. After all, its my blog and where else can i share my observations and opinions? Let me know what you think!


mom said...

I love your new blog name. Thanks for the shout out.

brYan said...

I love you too Kohl:) i like knowing what was going outside the frame...for me anywho.