Friday, July 6, 2007

Ron Drager

I followed around a guy tonight who owned a race track in Toledo. He wasn't doing too much, just walking around the track checking on things. I have to admit, i kinda expected to meet some big shot business man who wore a cheap suit and was going to try to pose for pictures all night to make it look like he was doing something. Ron however was very quiet, extremely humble, and not at all the businessman i expected to meet. Instead he was just a simple man with a passion for being at a race track who also happened to own one. I will also add that i have never met anyone who did a better job of ignoring my presence than him. From the word go he forgot i was there and never looked back. It was refreshing to actually feel like a fly on the wall for once. Now if everyone could understand that, my job would be a lot better.


Rush Jagoe said...

so you doin an essay on racing in the midwest, or what?

Tim Hussin said...

that second one is great

Leigh. said...
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