Friday, July 20, 2007

A Day on the River

This was one of the coolest assignments that ive ever had. I spent the whole day kayaking down a river with a group of volunteers from the Huron River Watershed Council. A lady named Liz was swimming the length of the river ( about 120 miles) and yesterday she swam the part that passed through Monroe county. She is swimming the river to show that a once polluted river is now clean and should be utilized for recreation. I had an amazing time both kayaking the river and spending time with a fun, passionate group of people. So to sum things up i got paid to paddle down a river all day. I feel like i should act unhappy about this, because one day someone will figure out that its wrong to have so much fun on assignments, and theyll just stop paying me.

My Kayak (I want one!)

Several other voluteers go alongside liz and watch for underlying debris, depth, and check the current to make sure its safe.

The water she is swimming in is clean, but not that clean.

When the water is too shalow, Liz has to use her floatie. Shot from a bridge.

Liz gets out of the water after swimming almost 5 miles.

Just a fun shot.


Chuck Mangus said...

Liz is amazing. Tricia and I paddled with the team that accompanied her on July 10th. Swimming across open lakes, not taking a break, not missing a breath, not missing a stroke. She is an inspiration!
Chuck Mangus

Kirsten Elling said...

Kohl, these are beautiful photos. I'm one of Liz's daughters and the days I've paddled with her I haven't brought my camera (afraid it would end up in the river), so it is great to see these. And they help get the point across that the Huron is a beauty of a river, meant to be enjoyed. Thank you.

kohl threlkeld said...


Thank you for your compliments. I was really worried about my camera equipment, but i got lucky and everything made it out ok. Despite the rainy weather, the Huron river was still a beautiful paddle. Unfortunately i will only be here for the summer, or i would be paddling the river every weekend.

Karin Elling said...

Kohl, As Liz's other daughter, I'd also like to thank you for so beautifully capturing the feel of the swim, mom's contagious spirit and the joy of playing on the river. I risked my camera and took about 75 pics on the last day (didn't lose the camera!) but none of mine even come close to yours. Nice job.