Monday, July 9, 2007


The longest assignment ever.

Today i went to David's house to photograph him with his grandson. David babysits his grandson everyday while his mother is at work. This was for a story about local township supervisors and what they do on their time off since they their job doesnt require full time status.

My first encounter with David didnt go so well. After he opened the door, i could tell he wasnt to happy with me coming to his house. So, i figured i would just smile and be nice. My smile was interrupted when he actually asked to see my press pass. he said, "Dont you have some id on you or something, they told me you would have id on you." Now, normally i dont have to show my press pass to come inside someones home, but apparently he was paranoid about something. And he wasnt too happy that i left my press pass in my car. So, after proper identification was established was granted entry into his humble farmhouse. This step was important to make certain i wasnt no radical muslim or nothin. ( he actually used this phrase later on in the day).

This assignment took me almost five hours to complete. Maybe because the first 2.5 were spent in a tiny poorly lit basement watching his grandson play computer games, as i was asked questions as to the nature of the story we were writing about him. However, we did eventually venture upstairs to the kitchen, then to the living room, and then to put his grandson down for a nap. I will say it was an extremely interesting day. David eventually warmed up to me and we got along fine. He talked alot about hunting, fishing, computers, buying american products, christianity, and "Liberals." So, i didnt say alot in return, but instead listned to him and asked question ( and hoped he didnt ask my political views). Even though we couldnt be farther on the social spectum, everything worked out fine.

I will say that in the end, he was a nice guy, and a great grandfather. Even though he did give me hell for driving a toyota. I guess some people just take five hours to warm up to you.


brYan said...

well - that's a frustrating situation to walk into, but well worth the effort - look at what you got! the photos are really intimate - like you were invisible. i can't believe he checked your i.d. does he know the pizza shop owner at the golf course or something (inside joke) way to hang in there and not give up - i dig the cross, but i'm a sucker for the graphic compositions anyway. this should run as a package.

William DeShazer said...

I love the second picture here man. You're doing great work! Keep it up.